LinuxAir Education for University

LinuxAir Education can really help you get your infrastructure seamlessly secure & more interactive with better applications, performance & make your staff more productive by giving some of the best tools.

For Developers

All the tools developers need

Whether your team uses Python, Ruby, Node.js or Java, no operating system is easier to set up than LinuxAir. Everything your developers need is just a snap or an apt away

All third-party apps are free to use


This tool is trendy and used by many professional photographers for image composition and editing

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is code editor which you will find very similar to Atom Text Editor and Sublime Text if you have already used them

Android Studio

Android Studio is the official integrated development environment for Google’s Android operating system, built on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA software 

GitBook Editor

If you’re a GitBook user then there isn’t any desktop client better than GitBook’s own cross-platform GitBook Editor.


Rambox is an all-in-one messaging and emailing application created to be a Hub for almost any communication and productivity app


Java is widely used in the Linux platform, which is used to run many applications


The best alternative to MATLAB Open source software for numerical computation


SageMath is a free open-source mathematics software system licensed under the GPL.


Atom is an open source and free desktop editor cum source code editor that is up-to-date, friendly and hackable to the core.


PyCharm is one of my favorite Python IDEs after Vim because it has slick user interface with lot of extensions and plug-in support


This one is a no-brainer. It’s thanks to Steam that thousands of games are now available for the Open Source community and gaming issues on Linux


VirtualBox is a cross-platform virtualization software application developed by Oracle Corporation

For Designers


This tool is trendy and used by many professional photographers for image composition and editing


Krita was meant as an add-on with KOffice to facilitate image editing within the suite of office tools


It is an open source vector graphics editor. You can have it installed on your Linux system as an alternative to Adobe Illustrator



For 3D modelling, FreeCAD is an excellent option that is both free (beer and speech) and open-source


LibreCAD is a free and open-source 2D CAD solution. Generally, CAD tends to be a resource-intensive task, and if you have rather modest hardware


BRL-CAD is one of the oldest CAD tools out there. It’s also a favorite of Linux/UNIX users as it aligns itself with the *nix philosophies


QCAD is a commercially available open-source CAD program based on the Qt framework


OpenSCAD is a free and open-source CAD software for creating solid 3D CAD objects


SOLVESPACE is a free and open-source parametric CAD software for 2D and 3D modeling

More essential apps for university students


Anki linux-education-anki Anki is an open-source spaced repetition flashcards app designed to help you remember things easily


KAlgebra is a math graph calculator with symbol and analysis features and is included as part of the KDE Education suite


Chemistry students should try Kalzium, another part of the KDE Education suite which brings several useful study aids to your Linux desktop


If you study mathematics, no matter your level, you will definitely find GeoGebra a very useful program to have


Mendeley is a useful tool for for organising and sharing research papers as well as collaborating with others through its research network


galculator is a GTK 2 / GTK 3 based calculator with ordinary notation/reverse polish notation (RPN), a formula entry mode, different number bases (DEC, HEX, OCT, BIN)

Office Software

Create professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations on LinuxAir with LibreOffice, the open source office suite that’s compatible with Microsoft Office. That means you can open and edit files like Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations and share them with other users quickly and easily. You can also use Google docs directly from your desktop.

Web browsing

Renowned for speed and security, LinuxAir and Firefox make browsing the web a pleasure again. LinuxAir also support Chrome and other browsers that can be installed from the LinuxAir Software centre


LinuxAir comes with Thunderbird, Mozilla’s popular email application, so you’ll have fast desktop access to your email. No matter which email services you use; Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Hotmail, POP or IMAP, email just works.


LinuxAir is full of free apps to help you enjoy, manage, edit and share your images — whatever you use to take them. With fantastic support for cameras and phones, you won’t need any extra drivers to get up and running


Edit your photos or create professional illustrations and designs with tools like Gimp and Krita, available in the LinuxAir Software centre.


Watch HD videos from your browser on LinuxAir, or use the default Movie Player and VLC and OpenShot from the Snap Store. Edit your movies with Shotcut or kdenlive and then watch them in Movie Player.


From Sudoku to The passage, we’ve got loads of games that’ll keep you busy for hours. There are thousands of games available, including titles from the Unity and Steam platforms. Pick from critically acclaimed titles such as Dota 2, Kerbal Space Program, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Buy & Install

Download LinuxAir desktop and replace your current operating system. It’s easy to install on Windows or macOS, or run LinuxAir alongside it.

Professional support

Get professional support from LinuxAir to manage your LinuxAir desktop, cloud and machine deployments.


Customize your release with your school/college/university flavor with your own addons of applications & content for your students with tracking system.

Ready to get LinuxAir for your educational institute?