Migrating your infrastructure to LinuxAir LTS

Building powerful solutions for Business, Education & IoT in secure & robust environment

About LinuxAir

LinuxAir is an linux distro based on ubuntu we have come up with a distro which is focused on industry specific needs & offering cloud based solution within the distro for more productivity & enhanced experience for every user.

LinuxAir approach is to switch users to linux based desktops for better quality of privacy & speeding the workflow with all suitable open source software’s to power their business or education.

Industries we focus

Education Sector
Internet of things
Gaming on Linux

For Busines & IoT

Check how LinuxAir Security can help your business & improve productivity.

Check how you can safe guard your home with LinuxAir Security over network protection.

Check how LinuxAir can help your business & see what’s possible.

Check how Internet Of Things can help your business & improve productivity.

Empowering Education with LinuxAir

A perfect step towards the 21st century learning & exploring the world with a different environment which provides learning in a fun way & which is designed specially for schools, colleges & universities.

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All LinuxAir offerings 

It's time to make move

Let's take the decision to move the infrastructure on more secured platform.

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New generation kids

New generation kids need newest technology to learn & explore more of this world.

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Technology is the future

Technology has proven to be the future where we need our little one to aim for.

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Make a bold move

Making a bold decision is all it requires to be able to transform your learning center.

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Portable to operate

Take your operating system where ever you go with the help of USB stick.

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No payments on third party apps

Pay no more fees on third party apps to support & fulfill your business needs.

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Operate with productivity

Operating your business works in a much more productive manner ever before.

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Lower cost

Linux is an open source project with larger community helping it grow.

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Digital Signage

A small display and full utilization make LinuxAir the best platform for digital signs.

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Unleash the robots with LinuxAir. For autonomous vehicles and smart manufacturing

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Rich networking make LinuxAir the perfect choice for your industrial gateways.

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Discover the automobile with LinuxAir, designed for critical embedded systems.

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Process Automation

A group of products for intelligently automating business decisions and processes.

Decision Manager

A business rules management platform.

Automation Platform

An agentless automation platform.


Better productivity with best output in less time possible.