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LinuxAir has been built on a foundation of enterprise-grade, industry leading security practices. From our toolchain to the suite of packages we use and from our update process to our industry standard certifications.

Network wide protection by LinuxAir Security

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Fast fixes

No system is 100% secure and vulnerabilities will always arise. What matters is the speed and success with which they are resolved

Automatic updates

Security updates are provided for five years for long term support (LTS) releases. With the default configuration for unattended upgrades

Live updates

live automatic security fixes to the kernel without rebooting. This reduces planned or unplanned downtime while maintaining compliance

Designed to be secure

Linux is based on Unix. It inherits Discretionary Access Control and includes Mandatory Access Control via AppArmor.

Secure flatpak apps

Flatpak is a next-generation technology for building and distributing desktop applications on Linux. LinuxAir used flatpak as their package manager.


Application Armor is a kernel-level Mandatory Access Control feature that restricts applications from accessing classes of computer


SELinux which provides a flexible Mandatory Access Control (MAC). Under standard Linux Discretionary Access Control (DAC).

Extended security

For all users we offer Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) to provide ongoing kernel security fixes through a secure and private archive

LinuxAir advantage

All of our security products are available for a one off fee or they are all included in our LinuxAir Advantage support packages.

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